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    Target GroupHighly talented early career researchers.
    The ideal candidate has received his/her PhD or equivalent degree within the past 10 years.
    Funding amountCHF 150’000
    Funding period3 years
    Number of fellowships per yearUp to 12
    Use of funds to cover the  fellow's salary Up to 50% of the grant amount
    Funding of overhead /  indirect costsUp to 10% of the total amount of funding (i.e. CHF 15’000) in addition to the basic grant 
    Additional fundingFellows may apply for additional funding at the end of the fellowship to conduct further projects with a focus on evidence to action and scientific capacity building.
    Non-financial benefits
    In addition to providing fellows with independent and competitive funding, the program offers a wide range of non-financial benefits.

    Please note that the Jacobs Foundation is no longer offering an Advanced Research Fellowship.

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