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Terms & Conditions

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    A few tips on how to write a Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Application


    • Answer all questions posed in the online application form.
    • We can only accept applications in English.
    • Be as concise but also as informative and illustrative as you can within the word limit. References are within the word limit. Budgets, photographs, or charts are not required.
    • Do not focus on a single project only. We want to know more about your research plans and ideas for the next 3-5 years.


    • Make your application for the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship.
    • Please visit the Jacobs Foundation website for more information on the general goals of the Foundation, and especially the Strategy 2030.
    • Explain your motivation for the application and for collaboration if awarded with a Fellowship.
    • We are looking for highly talented, creative, innovative, and committed applicants with a high interest in engaging with the Jacobs Foundation, and other Fellows as well as the broader network. Your application should demonstrate your ability and willingness to be an active member of a distinguished network.
    • Be aware of the selection criteria. Only candidates who score high on all criteria can be considered for a fellowship

    Application steps

    • Initial application: The first round of application focuses strongly on the alignment of your research plans with the Jacobs Foundation’s goals. In addition, we want to know if you personally would be a strong member of the network.
    • Extended proposal: The second round focuses more strongly on details of your planned research for the fellowship period. We want to know more about your ideas for your work as well as how you would engage with the Foundation and the network.
    • Interview: During the interview, we want to find out if there is a mutual fit between you and the Foundation and clarify open questions that we have based on your written application. It is more a conversation than a scientific interview.
    • Review: All three steps are conducted by a team consisting of internal (Jacobs Foundation) and external reviewers (see selection process) in a multiplicity of disciplines. Applicants who make it to the second or third step will be given a feedback on their application.